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EDUCATORS AND SCHOOL ADMINISTRATORS OF UNDERFUNDED MIDDLE GRADE or HIGH SCHOOLS: Through generous donors, sets of The Assignment (10-120 copies) are available for FREE though The Holocaust Education and Resource Center for use as a part of school curriculum. A FREE curriculum guide, provided by Random House Teachers and Librarians also is included. Questions? Contact Samantha Abrahamson, executive director for HERC or Liza:

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Terri Carnell, Arrowhead English teacher utilizing Hello? as part of their curriculum,

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Letters from Arrowhead students written after my workshops 

This video was made by Language Arts teacher & librarian,

Liz Munkwitz, Arrowhead High School

Here’s an interview from TMJ4’s THE MORNING BLEND, which was a result of my Arrowhead HS visit and a video I put together with my son, Justin, after meeting AHS Alec Raebel. It exemplifies the power of how “One HELLO can change a life. One HELLO can save a life.” Find out how Alec’s anti-bullying poem saved a girl’s life and his inspiring story that has had  profound impact on me and thousands of others! Facebook  or  YouTube



From Chris Sheff, Nicolet High School English Teacher

on May 31, 2016
I am a high school teacher and had my advanced and regular level classes read this novel. I was amazed by how this book resonated with almost all of my students. My advanced level classes debated the actions of the characters and the difficult issues raised throughout the book. Many students in my regular level classes throughout the year struggled with simply completing reading assignments, even when give just a few pages to read, due to lack of interest or difficulty with reading. When given this book and asked to read the first chapter, many students came back and had read multiple chapters. Only a few days later many students had completed the whole book, which was the first book that some of these students have ever read from cover to cover. These students were engaged in class discussions, and some students who had not voluntarily participated in class the whole year had multiple viewpoints to share. My students found the format of how this book was written, as well as the story, to be very intriguing. I have never seen a book get such a great reception from such a wide range of students. Kids were literally talking about this book in the hallways, which again I have never seen before. Many teachers and parents ended up reading this book because of how much buzz it generated. Not only is this book a fascinating read, but it brings up many important issues that young people (really all people) deal with that do not always get the attention or conversation that they merit.
“This book needs to be in as many schools as possible. ” If you would like to get in touch with Mr. Sheff for additional information, please email:

The following poem was sent to me by eighth grade teacher and Language Arts Department Chair, Kasey Short, Charlotte Country Day School. It was written by Oliver Halverstam, one of her students and reveals the impact of hatred and antisemitism. This is also a heartfelt plea and call for responsibility upon all of us to speak up against injustice, bigotry, lies, and hatred. Our students, our children are not immune. They are aware. They feel it, experience it, internalize it, and have hope for a better world. (Shared with permission) Thank you, Oliver!

The Assignment
By Oliver Halverstam
There will always be awful people
Everywhere you go
Some people hate for no reason
They blame their problems on others
But there are good people too
Family will always help you prevail
In a town, there was an assignment
this was no book report
It showed some people’s true colors
But some kids prevailed
They said
With help from family and friends
they ended the assignment
They showed people what the Holocaust was
And showed people why it should never happen again
Some people like Ellie Wiesel went through the Holocaust
They saw people die
They saw their family members burned and beaten to death
They experienced hate on the most extreme level
This was no assignment this was real life
So by telling people to reenact  the Holocaust
Even though you may think things like this will never happen again
Some people like Ellie Wiesel went through the Holocaust
People like me have to live with fear that it may
Today there are still people who believe that Hitler was right
That the Holocaust never happened
Some people call it a hoax
Hate crimes are committed every day
People that have so much hate feel that they need to kill innocent people to express it
So if you are given an assignment that  provokes hate
You need to stop it
But don’t do it alone
Find help from your family 
Find help from people that have your back
Because assignments have more power than you think 
Assignments can change the world forever 

For book clubs or classrooms: Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 4.00.15 PM

The Reader and The Chef (Melissa de Montigny and Flor Isabel) made these incredible Banana, Chocolate-chip, Cherry Muffins, which are mentioned in Hello?. This photo was posted on their Instagram. Feel free to share their recipe:

Banana, Chocolate-chip, Cherry Muffins,

Recipe created by Flor Isabel

Ingredients – Makes 6 muffins

1 banana

1/2 cup of sugar

1/2 tsp salt 1 egg

1/2 cup yogurt

1 tsp vanilla

1/8 cup vegetable oil


1 cup flour

1 tsp baking soda


1/2 cup chocolate chips

1/3 cup cherries – maraschino or pitted fresh cherries

Crush the banana in the mixer (medium speed is fine) then mix in the sugar, salt, egg, yogurt, vanilla and vegetable oil for about 3-4 minutes. Sift the cup of flour and baking soda and mix in (low speed) until well incorporated. Be careful to not over mix! Fold in with spatula in smooth circles the chocolate chips and maraschino cherries Bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes. If necessary, bake longer. Insert a toothpick and make sure it comes out clean.